Wave management tools, re-invented

A job that used to take hours, done in minutes.

Race Space cuts the time spent sorting participants into waves using dynamic sizing options; preferential wave selection; an automated sorting algorithm; and one-click participant updating.


Key benefits of Race Space wave technology

Drastically Reduce Time Cost

No more fiddly spreadsheets! Our algorithm will take care of all sorting and distribution of final wave times.

Increase Participant Satisfaction

Keep your participants happy by offering flexible options, getting more of them into a wave they want.

Complete Control

Clear overviews of each wave and how it's tracking. Easily move participants between waves.

Total Transparency

Advanced tools that tell you exactly what they are doing, as they do it.

Wave preference system

Give the freedom of choice!

Giving your participants the freedom to choose more than one wave preference significantly increasing your ability to accomodate everyone, whilst reducing the burden on the most popular waves.


With optional fine tuning

Clear overviews with nifty, intuitive controls.

Clearly see how each of your waves is performing, search for teams or individuals and move them to another wave with a click.


Activate algorithm

The algorithm tells you exactly what it is going to do before you confirm.

The Race Space wave sorting algorithm tells you exactly what it's doing and why, giving you the peace of mind that everyone has been assigned correctly.



Notify all your participants with a few clicks

Optionally customise and distribute wave allocations to all your participants in HTML email quickly and easily.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the 'wave sorting algorithm'?
The Race Space wave sorting algorithm sorts everyone in your event into waves at the click of a button. It also ensures everyone is as close to their preferred wave as possible, whilst keeping everyone with their teams. It can also do more advanced things, such as spreading participants across the entire day.
This sounds too good to be true. Are you sure it works?
Our wave algorithm has been tried and tested across plenty of events, transforming the process for organisers far and wide. Give it a go, it really works!
Can I 'undo' if I think the algorithm has arranged participants incorrectly and I want to go back and check?
Yes, you can undo at the click of a button too!

Features that work well with Wave Management