How do you manage 100 entrees if you sell 100 tickets?

Easy to manage bulk entrees

Whether it's 2 or 3 tickets, or whether it's 99 or 100 tickets; being technically able to sell up to bulk tickets and being practical for a purchaser to do so are often two completely different things.

Especially with those very large corporate, charity, club or large team entrees where other systems need special transfers or setting up un-managed discount codes if any tech is available at all.


Key features of Race Space ticket assigning tech

Sell More Entries, Faster

Race Space makes race entry easier than ever.

Seamless Corporate Entries

Now it's easy to process bulk company entries.

Pioneering Process

Yet so intuitive, that anyone can do it first time.

User Entry Management

Participants can control every aspect of their purchases.

Smart Bulk Management Systems

Easy management of unregistered tickets

Once bulk tickets are purchased, purchasers have a complete dashboard of all their unassigned tickets, which they can add registration details themselves, or send out to participants to register themselves.

The purchaser can see who has registered their details, who hasn't and send automated reminder emails to make sure everyone is registered in time for the event.

A completely hands off approach for you to sell more tickets to your event, quicker and easier for both you and bulk purchasers for your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after someone is assigned an entry?
Once an entry is assigned the assignee automatically gets an email letting them know what they've been signed up for, who signed them up, and a link to where they need to register their details. After registering details, they will be issued a ticket by email.
What if someone assigns a ticket, but the assignee doesn't register?
A ticket will not be issued until a participant is fully registered. Therefore the purchaser is free to assign it to someone else if they like.
How long does a participant have to register after purchase?
The participant can register any time until 1 week before event entries close. If they don't register, despite automated reminders, it is up to the event organiser whether or not to invalidate the entry.
Can users purchase tickets, even if they don't know who they are for yet?
Yes, they can purchase up to 100 tickets then assign them to people whenever they like. They will all be kept safely in their account until they are ready to either register themselves, or assign them to others.

Features that work well with Ticket Assigning Tech