Reporting tools designed to be used

Simply access and manage data for every aspect of your event.

With our reporting tools giving you complete control, enjoy the flexibility to create the reports you need.


Key benefits of Race Space reporting

Multi-Event Reporting

Create reports over a number of events.

No Superfluous Data

Select the fields you want, then run the report.

Visual Analytics

Beautiful, visual graphs for top level data.

Save Time

Produce high-level documents instantly.

A simple but sophisticated solution

Reporting that combines a high level of customisable data management with our signature Race Space usability.

Choose the type of report, a date range, the events and the fields you'd like to include, then run your report. And when you're happy, export to Microsoft Excel.


Data is king

Improve event efficiency and participation year-on-year.

With Race Space, you have tools and info to create a positive growth plan for your business. The opportunity to see what's working and what needs refining has never been so easy.

Frequently asked questions

Are there front-end analytics, as well as reports?
Yes. You can get all current live data from graphs and charts. Reports are key for historical and more in-depth data analysis.
Can I produce very specific reports such as merchandise sales?
Yes. You can make your reports as specific as you like to avoid complicating them with unnecessary information.

Features that work well with Powerful Reporting