Rest easy

Relax, knowing that your participants have the support they need, when they need it.

Race Space Help & chat features ensure you don't miss out on any entries because people lose their way. Helpful articles and live chat are always on hand to guide the way!


Key benefits of Race Space Help & live chat

Increase Sales

Negate stumbling blocks to keep users on course to make a purchase.

Save Time

Spend less time dealing with customer queries.

Reduce Frustration

Help is always on hand, so people can complete any task.

Improve Customer Service

Enable your participants to chat to us in real time.

A wealth of helpful guides and tips

Saving time for both race organisers and their participants.

With hundreds of detailed articles on hand, participants can instantly find a step-by-step guide for whatever action they are trying to take. This means less queries for race organisers to deal with and faster resolution for participants.


Frequently asked questions

Are all queries handled by Race Space?
Yes, all queries are managed in-house. We can also see the top pages for new inbound conversations which means we are continuously working on improving website usability.
What if the participant can't find an answer?
No problem, if the self-help articles aren't getting participant's questions answered then our live chat system will allow one of our team to guide the participant through issues step by step.

Features that work well with Race Space Help & chat