Experience is key...

Nothing is more important than giving your participants a fantastic experience, from start to finish.

Using the Race Space check-in app ensures the slickest check-in process possible, so the day can get off to a great start. This means happy participants and happy staff!


...But so is efficiency

Being able to move people through check-in quickly and without fuss means more time to focus on the rest of your race day.

Use the Race Space check-in app to check people in by scanning the QR codes on their tickets, either on screen or printed. This takes less than 1 second per participant!

Key features of the Race Space check-in app

Works Offline

No need to worry about the patchy internet at your race venue.

Track Participants in Real-time

Your check-in page stays up to date so you can see how you're tracking.

Use Any Smart Phone

Staff can use their phones, so no other equipment needed.

Multiple Devices

Have as many check-in devices as you need, working simultaneously.

Assign BIB numbers

We've re-imagined the check-in experience to make assigning numbers a breeze.

Use Race Space check-in tech to generate BIB numbers, then assign them in advance or at check-in, using the app.



We know that even the best laid plans can go awry!

As with everything on Race Space, our check-in tech is easy to navigate and flexible. Check-in staff can use the in-app QR scanner, or search for participants and check them in manually.

You can even see what time a participant was checked in and by whom.


Review attendance data post-event

With Race Space, detailed analytics are never far away.

Now you can easily check what % of people attended your event, when your busy check-in times were and which staff were most active.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do participants need to print their tickets?
No, the QR scanner can scan tickets on phone screens.
Do I need to use the check-in app if I use Race Space?
As with all Race Space features, they are there to make your life easier if you want them, but if you already nail the check-in process - keep doing what you're doing!
Does the app work on any mobile device?
The app is currently in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so will work on any Apple or Android device.
What if I'm switching from another entry platform, can participants still use tickets from there?
Here's the clever part! The Race Space app can scan any tickets that feature a QR code, even if they're not issued by Race Space.

Features that work well with Race Space check-in technology