Sell more tickets

Make the decision to purchase an entry for your event a no brainer!

Having the money on hand can be a barrier to entry for some. Offering the option to pay in instalments opens your event up to more potential customers.

Key benefits of instalment payments

Increased Sales

Flexible pricing means opening your event up to a wider audience, which means more event entries!

Completely Automated

Once the initial transaction has been made, Race Space will automatically charge remaining payments on your behalf.

Full Control & Visibility

Get a full breakdown of what and when payments are due and have full control on actions for any participants.

Easy Setup

Set your parameters in moments, then simply check a box to switch Instalment Payments on.

Simple to operate

Racers have full control of payments.

Participants can easily manage payment splits at checkout, opting to pay it off faster or slower (within the parameters set by the event organiser).


Automations & Controls

Race Space technology does the legwork.

Race Space manages all payments and if there are issues, there's an automated, 3-step payment chasing process before the race organiser is alerted.

You can get instant info on all instalment payments in you Race Space Organiser Dashboard.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to offer instalments?
No. Instalment plans are an options service for your participants. It may not make sense to offer them if your ticket is already low price.
What if someone misses a payment?
If someone misses a payment for whatever reason, they are entered in to an automated reminder workflow that spans 3 weeks and 4 chaser emails. While this is happening, you can view the payment status' of all instalment payments from within your Organiser Dashboard. If a user does not arrange payment within the workflow, they are assigned a 'bad' payment status and you can decide what action to take.
Can I see how many people are using instalment plans?
Yes, you can see a breakdown of all those who have purchased via instalments, the number of instalments they've paid and have remaining, how many times they've been reminded and their payment status.
Do instalment options cost money?
For the organiser, no. Race Space does charge the racer an extra 1% + £0.50 (inc VAT) for each instalment to cover the costs of running additional transactions.

Features that work well with Instalments