Give your Racers peace of mind

Now they have the confidence they need to enter.

Any athlete knows that injury or unforeseen circumstances can hit at any time, jeopardising their ability to take part. This can sometimes lead people to delay entering until nearer the event.


Make additional revenue

Make your event more profitable, without any additional work.

Race organisers keep a % of all Booking Protect revenue and also no longer have to offer refunds! This is a double win, increasing the profitability of events, whilst actually reducing time spent managing refund queries.

Key benefits of Booking Protection

Additional Revenue

Commission on each purchase of coverage, regardless of whether participants use it.

Increased Attendance

With an added sense of security people are more likely to purchase entry to your event.

Issue Less Refunds

The refund is paid out by Booking Protect, so no money is coming out of your pocket.

Customer Satisfaction

Claimants complete one simple digital form and are assigned a personal customer service agent that handles the rest of the process with them.

A first-class service for your participants

Awarded “Best Use Customer Service Technology” at the 2018 UK Customer Service Excellence Awards.

With Booking Protect enabled, your participants can claim refunds directly from Booking Protect. And with their professional refund and customer service specialists, you can be sure they're in good hands.


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for a participant's refund to be processed?
All refunds are issued within 24 working hours of a participant providing payment information and appears in their account within 7 days.
What are the costs to a race organiser for Booking Protect?
The great thing is, there are no costs to you as the race organiser! All you do is sit back and collect the additional revenue.
Does the refund still come from the race organiser's account?
No. All refunds are paid by Booking Protect, directly to the participant.
When do race organisers get their portion of the revenue?
The revenue generated from Booking Protect is paid out as part of the normal organiser payouts, which are weekly.

Features that work well with Booking Protection