When it comes to online purchases...

The easier you make it, the more likely you are to make a sale!

With Apple Pay and Google Pay automatically enabled, people can make a mobile purchase without the use of a credit card. They simply scan their thumbprint or or use facial recognition on their mobile device.


Key benefits of Apple Pay & Google Pay

Quicker Purchases

No more digging out credit cards or double validating payment information.

Secure Payments

With credit cards increasingly open to fraud, Google and Apple Pay create a single-use code, good for only one transaction.

Works on Mobile & Desktop

Participants can checkout on desktop, then use their mobile device to validate.

Free to Use

With Apple & Google pay, there is no additional charge, it is just like using a normal card.

Frequently asked questions

Are Apple Pay and Google Pay secure?
Yes! When the virtual card is charged Google or Apple charge the stored debit or credit card and are the only entity that sees your real card through this transaction. Fingerprint scanning or use facial recognition must also be used for authorisation, creating additional security.
What are Apple and Google Pay?
Apple and Google Pay allow users to make payments using their mobile phones. Card details are already stored on the device, so all is required is to authenticate the payment using the device's fingerprint scanner or facial recognition technology.

Features that work with Apple Pay and Google Pay